Resume Review Services

Resume is the first thing an employer sees while evaluating your candidature. It has to be on point!Resume writing is tricky and can fail to leave an impact without the right guidance.

We at CareerGoal understand this and provide extensive review of your resumes. 

Need for the Service

Resume is a marketing tool for yourself.  Resume is meant to showcase your professional expertise and achievements. It helps present your skills and proficiencies that sets you apart from other candidates. It is the first thing that opens a door that leads to an interview. Spend more time on polishing it!

  • Tailor your resume

  • Target towards a job posting 

  • Highlight your impact 

  • Showcase your expertise  

Resume Do’s & Dont’s

What do we do differently?

We at CG understand the impact a ‘stellar’ resume can make, and this is why we personally review each resume. We take the latest version of your resume and break down each word that you have written during our two e-reviews. During our review, we provide guidelines and do’s and don’ts that will help you to edit your resume and send it back to us for final review.  

Why work with CG

  • Not just format, but content 

  • Focus on your brand  

  • Review by Industry specialists  

  • Personalized and detailed review  

  • Guiding you every step of the way  

CG in action

Original ResumeReviewed Resume

Resume Do’s & Dont’s

Resume Writing Do’s

Resume Writing Dont’s