1.  Marketing tool for you

Resume is meant to showcase your professional expertise and achievements. It helps present your skills and proficiencies that sets you apart from other candidates. It is the first thing that opens a door that leads to an interview. Spend more time on polishing it!

2. Targeted towards a job posting

Apart from showcasing your profile, the resumes should also address the needs, goals and challenges presented by an employer in a job posting. It is important to rephrase what your experience is to cater to the requirement of the job.

3. Helps you build your story

Putting down everything you have done – professionally or academically, on one sheet of paper has great merits! It prepares you for any conversation about yourself –networking events and coffee-chats, helps you prepare for any interview and frame answers to the behavioral questions.

4. Demonstrate your communication skills

For a hiring manager who has never met you, resume serves as the only point of reference. Your resume demonstrates your ability to organize information and write well. It highlights how well you communicate your ideas and present the information at hand.

5. Highlight your impact

Use your Resume to depict how impactful you are! It is canvas for you to position the impact you created in various organizations you worked for. You should also mention the impact you might have created in volunteering roles.