Signup and Join ​

  • Tell us a little about your professional and personal experiences
  • Give us your availabilities and preferences about how you’d like to contribute

Onboarding session ​

  • Join the CG team and your fellow mentors for an onboarding session 
  • This is aimed at sharing our vision and addressing any questions you might have

Matched with a mentee​

  • You’ll be matched with a mentee based on your industry and experience 
  • A coffee-chat will be scheduled : 30 – 45 mins

Optional Contribution​

  • Contribute by featuring in short videos sharing your experiences
  • Participate as a panelists on a mock-interview panel 

Join us for monthly mixers and grow your network with your peers​

What’s Career Goal?What’s the Need?
  • Career Goal is a career coaching organization
    providing guidance to new job seekers on
    resume, LinkedIn, Coffee chats etc.
  • Career Goal provides a platform to industry
    professionals to give back to the community.
  • Career Goal matches the mentees with the
    right mentor for expert guidance
  • Career Goal provides free speed mentoring
    coaching to job seekers and new immigrants
  •  It is challenging for the new job seekers to
    understand the market pulse and be prepared
    for it
  • There is a lack of organized and structured
    mentoring of new Canadians to help navigate
    the nuances of various industries
  • Canadian companies stress more on
    Canadian experience (soft skills) and team
    player skills than just on the technical
  • Talented individuals do not get proper
    advice on how to present themselves on their
    resumes and cover letters or how to
    navigate through the networking events
    and coffee chats
What is the role of a Mentor?What is in it for the Mentor?
  • Meet the selected Mentee for 30 Mins
    (Minimum) over coffee/lunch/beer
  • Share your experience of finding your first job
    and the mistakes that you could have avoided
  • Provide your views on interview preparation,
    Networking and Coffee meetings
  • Be a fresh pair of eyes for resumes, industries,
    career opportunities and alignment
  • Use personal experiences to build trust, and
    help navigate through the “blind spots”
  • Guide New immigrants on the Canadian
    culture and key soft skills
  • Give back to the Society
  • Grow Professional Network with both
    Mentors & Mentees
  • Participate in the strategy and design of the
    Career Goal team’s future efforts
  • Get the flexibility to participate as per your
  • As a token of appreciation, we will provide a
    $25 CAD gift card for every coffee meeting
    with the mentors to cover the cost of coffee
  • Every referral by the mentors will be
    rewarded at 10% of the package value
Frequently Asked Questions
  • In addition to giving back to the community, what else can a mentor hope to get from this experience?
    Access to mentor/mentee network, contribute to the strategy, content and offerings of Career Goal (CG).
  • What is the time commitment required of me (per week/month) once I sign up as a mentor ?
    The only commitment required is for the coffee meetings with the matched mentee for 30 mins/mentee. However,
    we would request you to join on a volunteer (optional) basis the free speed mentoring events
  • Will I receive some orientation that will help me deliver a good mentorship experience?
    Every mentor will be on-boarded by an existing mentor or CG core team members. Mentors will also be provided
    some guidelines and supporting documents to review the resumes and conduct the coffee chats
  • What are the criteria based on which the mentees will be assigned to me?
    Based on Mentee’s background and interest, CG team would find the mentor with the right experience
  • Am I required to coach the mentees or help after the coffee meeting?
    You are only committing for the coffee meeting. Any further coaching is completely your personal choice.
  • How should mentors handle requests such as preparation for interviews at a specific company?
    We are not obliged to provide any company specific guidance, however, feel free to share your perspective
  • How is the mentor-mentee interaction facilitated – is there a pre-decided location and time enforced?
    CG will make the match making and leave the Mentor and Mentee to co-ordinate the meeting directly
  • Am I going to meet other peer mentors, and can I leverage that network?
    Yes. One of the core objectives of this initiative is to create a close-knit professional network of Mentors

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