CDISC Products

Centreum has developed modular plug & play tools to automate each part of converting clinical data to CDISC compliant data. Please Contact Us for a Demo!

SDTM Mapping Framework

Centreum SDTM Mapping Framework is a simple, scalable & customizable application that tabulates your legacy data quickly & accurately into CDISC SDTM. 

Define.xml Generator

Define.xml Generator utilizes a SAS based metadata repository to create SDTM & ADaM Define.xml. Metadata can be defined and updated using the interface of your choice – Excel/Web Based/C# Installer. The Centralized Metadata Repository can then be used to run metadata checks for single a trial, consistency checks across multiple trials in addition to creating latest version of Define.xml.

Automatic Annotation Tool

Centreum’s automatic annotation tool helps you to automatically annotate blank CRFs into CDISC compliant SDTM aCRF. With the help of this tool, you can annotate your blank CRFs automatically without the need of manual intervention resulting in tremendous savings of time & energy. You can also easily migrate annotations from one CRF to another and create reports to compare annotations of two CRFs.

eReviewers Guide Tool

Centreum’s eReviewer’s Guide Tool provides a GUI to help create a database in which content of the Reviewer’s Guide is stored. This database is then used to create a Study Data or Analysis Reviewer’s Guide based on your chosen template. The tool gives you complete freedom to custom define the Fonts & Styles of the Reviewer’s Guide. The main advantage of creating an eReviewer’s Guide is that Reviewer’s across trials can be compared with one another and it is always up-to-date.