Push the limits of innovation

To realize the full potential of AI, it is important to align the AI investments and initiatives with existing business processes.

Individual and isolated AI initiatives create some value – but the real value comes from a holistic and agile approach where AI products and services are integrated into day to day business operations

We use cloud to create solutions that scale both horizontally and vertically to enable business transformation

Cognitive Computing

We use deep learning and cloud capabilities to create products for cognitive tasks (speech, text analysis, video analytics, image analytics) that integrate with existing processes to drive business transformation

AI Sprints

We work in an agile manner with your teams to define the appropriate use case and develop functioning clickable prototype products using state of the art ML/AI technologies. The total time from ideation to development will be 6-8 weeks

API driven AI Microservices

We use best practices across software development, cloud, and data science to create predictive models that are modular and based on microservices architecture