Enterprise Clinical Trial Management Solution

Centreum has developed a Clinical Trial Management Solution (CTMS) that improves patient experience, clinical trial operations, and compliance using emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and digital technologies

Reimagining Patient Experience

eConsent: Build in eConsent with ability to share consent form details in a dynamic and interactive manner as compared to paper-based monotonous consent forms

Virtual Trials: Collect data through app or patient-reported wherever possible thereby reducing the need to visit the clinical site for each visit

Trial Visits and Medication Reminders: Manage and prepare for trial visits with updated information on what to expect on each visit. Receive reminders for the trial visit and drug adherence

AI enabled eDiary for real-time Adverse Event sharing with care provider: Share any adverse event or medical condition in real time with your clinical investigator through audio or text communication. AI-driven Natural Language Processing Engine extracts relevant information from reported adverse event enabling improved analysis and reporting

Reimagining Clinical Trial Workflow

Improved Protocol Compliance: “Codification” of study protocol rules into smart contracts thereby improving adherence and automatic reporting of protocol violations

Data Provenance: Distributed audit logs and transaction history for every data change thereby creating trust and reducing fraud

Collaborative Trials: Cryptographic Identity management and controlled data sharing improving collaboration between pharma companies, research organizations, regulators, and other healthcare providers

Real-time Information Sharing: Real-time sharing of patient information across regulators, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs resulting in streamlined operations and efficiency improvements

Reimagining Drug Supply Chain

Real-Time Tracking & State Monitoring: Real-Time tracking and tracing the movement of Drugs and Medicinal Products. Continuous monitoring and reporting of Temperature, Humidity, Vibration & Light

Improved Compliance: Improved compliance in accordance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), Title II of the Drug Quality and Security Act

Adhere to Good Distribution Practices (GDP): Ensure Supply Chain Security and Integrity by constantly updating state and movement of drugs on Blockchain

Prevention, Detection & Response: Prevent, Detect & Respond to Substandard, Spurious, Falsely Labelled, Falsified, Counterfeit (SSFFC) products from entering the supply chain