Business Consulting

Bridging the business to IT is always a challenge. Should you develop your own in-house systems to support your business processes? or should you buy an off the shelf product adapting your business processes to the IT system? It might not be an easy choice. Centreum has experience and can help you arrive at a good solution supporting your business.

IT Strategy Review & Development
  • At Centreum we devise strategies and plans to align your organisation’s IT capabilities with your broader business goals. 
  • A thorough understanding of the requirements of Life sciences organisations allows Centreum to review and develop IT strategies to meet the continually changing needs of Life Sciences clients.
Package & Vendor Selection
  • Vendor Selection Process can be riddled with complications if you’re not prepared and requires due diligence
  • We have partnerships with all major software vendors
  • We have the expertise to quickly identify, select and acquire software applications and technologies that fulfill specific business needs of Life Sciences companies from specialist vendors