Blockchain Consulting

We train, develop & deploy

Lean Workshops To Develop Blockchain Use Case

Blockchain by its very definition requires collaboration across organization, and different business units. We run a collaborative workshop with multiple activities to create awareness about enterprise blockchain, define appropriate use case, and identify different stakeholders.

The deliverable at the end of workshop are following:

  • Use case validation: We will work with you in assessing whether Blockchain is appropriate solution for the potential use case. If we believe that blockchain is not the appropriate solution for the use case, we will recommend conventional technology options to implement the use case
  • If Blockchain is an appropriate solution, we will provide specifications for MVP development which will include detailed process maps, identification of stakeholders, as well as functional requirements

We run sprints (each sprint is 2 weeks long) for development of POC/MVP. At the end of each sprint, we will review the progress and make changes as required.

During the build, we will simulate the production deployment (through multiple docker containers on single VM) and develop POC based on the specifications

The deliverables at the end of POC Build are following:

  • Fully functional POC/MVP
  • API End points and web interface to communicate with the blockchain network

POC Development

Production Deployment

Based on the feedback from POC build, we will implement a production grade enterprise blockchain solution based on Hyperledger Sawtooth (or Hyperledger Fabric). Our deployments are secure and compliant with healthcare and data regulations

We provide following deployment options:

Blockchain as a Service

We provide production grade Hyperledger Sawtooth or Ethereum blockchain deployment managed by us on a public cloud platform

Cloud Deployment

We support production blockchain deployments integrated with the public cloud managed by the client. We use open source technologies (such as Kubernetes and Docker container) and can support any public cloud platform

Inhouse Deployment

We can work with the Client information technology and other teams for deployment of solution within client environment